census 2020

  • coronavirus May 16

    Not Enough People Realize Importance of US Census, City Officials Say

    Some South Bay officials are afraid not enough people have filled out the 2020 U.S. Census and not enough people understand how cities benefit from the information it gathers. The City of Chula Vista said its residents just benefitted from money the city received courtesy of the last Census in 2010. The coronavirus has crippled businesses and forced thousands of…

  • coronavirus May 16

    US Census Concerns

    There are concerns that not many people are filing the census in the southbay. NBC 7s Joe Little has more.

  • Immigration Apr 25

    Pandemic Complicates Counting of Refugees in Census

    Advocates are concerned that the coronavirus has added another burden for refugees arriving in the U.S. They worry that the disease threatens refugee participation in the census, which will help determine how the government allocates some $1.5 trillion, not only for refugees but for everyone living in the areas where they settle

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