• beauty expert Apr 27

    Beauty Secrets from Celebrity Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli

    J-Lo, the Kardashians, and Salma Hayek are just a few of the celebrities that makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has worked with. “California Live” sits down with Bonelli to glean makeup secrets and hear about her new skincare line. “It is so important to start with a great hydrated fresh face to apply makeup to,” says Bonelli. Watch to get more...

  • beauty expert Apr 6

    We Try J-Lo's Dewy Skin Serum

    Of all the celebrities you’d want product recommendations from, we’re guessing Jennifer Lopez is at the top of your list. She is 51, glowing and gorgeous. Milly Almodovar, celebrity beauty expert, shares J-Lo’s favorite skin product with us and it’s perfect for that spring and summer glow. Watch and get more celebrity beauty product hot tips....
    Milly Almodovar is a paid...

  • beauty expert Mar 5

    Beauty Products to Help You Age Well

    Feel like you’ve aged five years in 2020 alone? Before Amber left us to become a new mom, she caught up with beauty expert Liz Kennedy—who’s basically a “Benjamin Button” aging in reverse—for some skincare and hair products to help us continue looking beautiful from the inside-out as we get older.

  • beauty expert Feb 3

    Charlotte Tilbury's Hot New Beauty Products for 2021

    Makeup maven Charlotte Tilbury is back to share the hottest new beauty secrets for 2021. Get a sneak peek at never-before-seen makeup and skincare products that all her celebrity clients are raving about.

  • beauty expert Jan 15

    Beauty Products to Get You Glowing in 2021

    Ready to get your glow on in 2021? Our golden girl Amber enlisted the help of beauty expert Liz Kennedy to share some new skincare products to help us shine bright in the new year.

  • beauty expert Jan 12

    5 Skincare Tips to Age Gracefully in 2021

    Sadly, we can’t turn back the hands of time when it comes to aging. But thankfully, we can slow it down! Christy Hall, the expert behind skincare line Mikel Kristi, has five tips to take better care of our skin, including powerhouse ingredients to look for in beauty products and why maintaining a positive attitude gives you an extra...

  • beauty expert Jan 5

    How to Reverse Signs of Aging Around the Eyes

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and this will certainly be the case in 2021 as we continue wearing our masks. We emote so much through our eyes, which is why it’s also the area where we start noticing signs of aging, according to Dr. Tess Mauricio. But luckily, there are non-surgical procedures available to help...

  • beauty expert Nov 20, 2020

    Get Your Thanksgiving Day Glow on With These Beauty Products

    We all want to look our best for Thanksgiving, whether it’s celebrating with family virtually or in person. Beauty expert Robby LaRiviere joins Amber to share a few of his favorite tanning products, collagen-based teas, hair treatments, and more to help you glow from the inside out.

  • health and beauty Feb 27

    Best Skin Products for Fall Transition

    Just because you live in California doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t feel its mild seasonal changes. Beauty expert Liz Kennedy shares her round up of the best products for prepping your skin for chilly fall and winter weather. From night cream to body oils, she’s got you covered. Bonus, everything is affordable....
    Liz Kennedy is a paid spokesperson for RoC...

  • health and beauty Feb 27

    Protect Your Skin Post-Beach All Year Long

    It’s one of our last warm weekends of the fall but that doesn’t mean we should stop protecting our skin. The sun is a fierce influence on our largest organ, regardless of the season, so having the most protective products is always helpful. Beauty expert Liz Kennedy shares her favorite collection of post beach “must-haves.”...
    Liz Kennedy is a paid spokesperson...

  • health and beauty Aug 20, 2020

    Refresh Your Makeup Bag

    What’s new and trending in the makeup world? Malou Nubla gets some fresh ideas from beauty influencer Mikaela South.

  • health and beauty Aug 17, 2020

    Getting Fab For Fall

    The time is now to prepare your fall beauty routine! Jessica Vilchis gets the must-haves from beauty expert Milly Almodovar.

  • health and beauty Jul 31, 2020

    Look Your Best with these Summer Makeup Tips

    What’s trending this summer when it comes to makeup? Malou Nubla learns some fun tips from beauty expert Mikaela South.

  • beauty expert Jul 24, 2020

    Get Your Glow On

    Want to hide those mask lines or refresh your summer hair? Amber Pfister gets some tips from beauty expert Liz Kennedy.

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