• DONALD TRUMP Nov 10, 2019

    For 30-Somethings, Stakes Are High Over Future of DACA

    Karina Ruiz’s life is deeply rooted in Phoenix. She has three children and two grandkids, a side gig selling houses, frantic days rushing kids off to school and activities, a busy work schedule filled with meetings. The 35-year-old knows that little of this would be possible without her enrollment in a program dating back to the Obama administration that allows...

  • Mexico Oct 19, 2019

    Asylum-Seeking Mexicans Are More Prominent at US Border

    Lizbeth Garcia tended to her 3-year-old son outside a tent pitched on a sidewalk, their temporary home while they wait for their number to be called to claim asylum in the United States. The 33-year-old fled Mexico’s western state of Michoacán a few weeks ago with her husband and five children — ages 3 to 12 — when her husband,...

  • San Diego Aug 9, 2019

    Number of Migrants Waiting at US Border Surges to 50,000

    The Cameroonian men who share 10 mattresses on the floor of a third-floor apartment above a barber shop walk every morning to the busiest U.S. border crossing with Mexico, hoping against all odds that it will be their lucky day to claim asylum in the United States.

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 7, 2019

    El Paso Opens Healing Center as It Prepares for Trump Visit

    El Paso opened a grief center on Tuesday to help people cope with last weekend’s mass shooting at a Walmart, in which 22 people, nearly all with Latino last names, were killed and many others were wounded. The center opened a day before President Donald Trump was due to visit the border city, much to the chagrin of some Democrats...

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 6, 2019

    Authorities Scour Leads in Mass Shootings That Left 31 Dead

    Authorities in two U.S. cities scoured leads in a pair of weekend mass shootings that killed 31, trying to piece together the motives that led two young men to unleash violence on innocent people in crowded public places. In El Paso, Texas, the death toll creeped upward Monday from the shooting two days earlier at a Walmart store, with two...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 21, 2019

    Some Asylum Seekers Forced to Wait in Mexico Help Each Other

    A small group of asylum seekers sit under a canopy on the side of a road leading into the United States, chatting to pass the time as a blazing desert sun pushes the heat into triple digits and fumes roll in from dozens of cars lined up to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Coming from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba and many...

  • Associated Press Jul 5, 2019

    Pregnant Teens Especially Vulnerable in Border Centers

    As tales of wretchedness and overcrowding in government border detention facilities abound, one group of migrants is particularly vulnerable: teen moms and pregnant girls without parents of their own. Immigrant advocates and lawyers say the young mothers don’t get special medical consideration while they’re being crammed into U.S. facilities so packed that migrants are forced to sleep on floors or...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 30, 2019

    Top Immigration Official: Border Crossings Dropping

    The acting secretary of Homeland Security said he expected 25% fewer migrants to cross the border this month, as officials in Yuma unveiled their latest outdoor facility meant to detain children and families.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 28, 2019

    Senate Passes Stopgap Aid Package as Border Debate Grows

    Senate has passed an emergency aid bill pledging nearly $4.6 billion dollars to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. It comes as the Trump administration faces backlash for the treatment of migrant children at a U.S. detention facility in Texas.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 15, 2019

    Migrants Complain of Poor Conditions at US Holding Centers

    The Trump administration is facing growing complaints from migrants about severe overcrowding, meager food and other hardships at border holding centers, with some people at an encampment in El Paso being forced to sleep on the bare ground during dust storms. The Border Network for Human Rights issued a report Friday based on dozens of testimonials of immigrants over the...

  • CONGRESS Jun 15, 2019

    Premature Baby Found in Texas Border Patrol Facility

    Advocates were shocked to find a teenage mom and her premature newborn daughter huddled in a Border Patrol facility in what they say was another example of the poor treatment immigrants receive.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 12, 2019

    Jury Deadlocked Over Activist Who Aided Migrants at Border

    A U.S. jury could not reach a verdict Tuesday against a border activist charged with conspiracy to transport and harbor migrants in a trial that humanitarian aid groups said would have wide implications on their work. Defense attorneys argued that Scott Daniel Warren, a 36-year-old college geography instructor, was simply being kind by providing two migrants with water, food and...

  • California Jun 6, 2019

    No Breakthrough in Tariff Negotiations With Mexico

    Negotiators will return to the White House Thursday in an effort to reach a deal that would curb illegal immigration at the U.S. – Mexico border and avoid President Trump’s threatened tariffs.

  • California Jun 6, 2019

    Feds: No More Education, Legal Services for Immigrant Kids

    The federal government has stopped paying for English-language courses and legal services at facilities that hold immigrant children around the country, imposing budget cuts it says are necessary at a time when record numbers of unaccompanied children are arriving at the border. The Health and Human Services department notified shelters around the country last week that it was not going...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 15, 2019

    Border Wall to Go Up in National Monument, Wildlife Refuge

    The U.S. government plans on replacing barriers through 100 miles of the southern border in California and Arizona, including through a national monument and a wildlife refuge, according to documents and environmental advocates. The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday again waived environmental and dozens of other laws to build more barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Funding will come from...

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 14, 2019

    Trump Sanctuary City Idea Could Help Migrants Stay in US

    An idea floated by President Donald Trump to send immigrants from the border to “sanctuary cities” to exact revenge on Democratic foes could end up doing the migrants a favor by placing them in locations that make it easier to put down roots and stay in the country. The plan would put thousands of immigrants in cities that are not...

  • San Diego Apr 9, 2019

    Border Chaos Forces Truckers to Wait Hours, Sometimes Days

    To deal with a surge of migrating Central American families, the Trump administration has reassigned so many inspectors from U.S.-Mexico border crossings that truckers are waiting in line for hours and sometimes days to get shipments to the United States.

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 3, 2019

    US Resorts to Expanded ‘Catch and Release' as Migrants Surge

    The surge of migrant families arriving at the southern border has led the Trump administration to dramatically expand a practice President Donald Trump has long mocked as “catch and release.” With immigrant processing and holding centers overwhelmed, the administration is busing people hundreds of miles inland and releasing them at Greyhound stations and churches in cities like Albuquerque, San Antonio...

  • Associated Press Apr 2, 2019

    Mueller Report and Border Control Looms Over Capitol Hill

    Ultimatums being fired from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are setting up showdowns this week on two major topics: immigration and Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election meddling. The Justice Department says a redacted version of Mueller’s report should be released by mid-April. Meanwhile, the Trump administration says the president is serious about shutting down the border with Mexico over...

  • DONALD TRUMP Mar 29, 2019

    Border Patrol Orders Quick Releases of Families

    The number of migrant families and children entering the U.S. from Mexico is so high that Border Patrol is immediately releasing them instead of transferring them to the agency responsible for their release, forcing local governments to help coordinate their housing, meals and travel. “We need to work toward a clean sweep,” Border Patrol Deputy Chief of Operations Richard Hudson...

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