• Cuba Mar 14, 2019

    Amid Crisis, Cuba Plans Revamp of State and Legal System

    In the midst of a regional crisis over Venezuela and tough economic straits, the Cuban government is about to launch a sweeping makeover of its centrally planned, single-party system with dozens of new laws that could reshape everything from criminal justice to the market economy. Nearly a year of debate and discussion ended last month with the approval of Cuba’s...

  • Cuba Jan 7, 2019

    Ex-Cuban Vice President, Bay of Pigs Commander, Dies at 95

    Jose Ramon Fernandez, a retired brigadier general who was key in forming the communist country’s new army and commanded Cuban defenses at the Bay of Pigs, has died, state media reported. He was 95. Tall and spindly with the rigid posture of a military man, Fernandez in his final years remained a legendary figure and served for a time as...

  • head Dec 19, 2018

    Cuba Eliminates Gay Marriage Language From New Constitution

    Cuba’s government said Tuesday that language promoting the legalization of gay marriage will be removed from the draft of a new constitution after widespread popular rejection of the idea.

  • guard Jul 22, 2018

    Cuba Approves New Leader's Cabinet With Old Faces in Place

    Cuban lawmakers approved the Cabinet named by new President Miguel Diaz-Canel, keeping most of the ministers from Raul Castro’s government in place, except for in the key post of economic reform.

  • head Jul 3, 2018

    Mexico's Lopez Obrador Claims Historic Win, Broad Mandate

    Angry and frustrated over corruption and violence, Mexican voters delivered a tidal wave presidential election victory to leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, giving him a broad mandate to upend the political establishment and govern for the poor. An official quick count from electoral authorities late Sunday forecast that Lopez Obrador would win with between 53 percent and 53.8 percent of...

  • head Jul 3, 2018

    Mexico's Victor Pledges to ‘Reach Understanding' With Trump

    Fresh off a landslide victory, Mexico’s newly elected leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pledged Monday to “reach an understanding” with Donald Trump amid uncertain times for two countries that must seek consensus on everything from contentious trade talks to cooperation on security and migration. During a half-hour telephone conversation, Trump said the two leaders discussed topics including border security,...

  • California May 23, 2018

    Puerto Rico School Catapults 3 Jockeys to the Kentucky Derby

    Jockey Jose Ortiz, 24, remembers the last time he visited the school in Puerto Rico that kick-started his horse racing career. The teacher in charge at Escuela Vocacional Hípica, the Vocational Equestrian School of Puerto Rico (VES), in Canóvanas, east of San Juan, asked the incoming class if they knew who their visiting guest was. “The ones who knew me...

  • Facebook May 20, 2018

    Officials Say Company in Cuba Crash Had Safety Complaints

    The Mexican charter company whose 39-year-old plane crashed in Havana had been the subject of two serious complaints about its crews’ performance over the last decade, according to authorities in Guyana and a retired pilot for Cuba’s national airline. Mexico’s government said late Saturday that its National Civil Aviation Authority will carry out an operational audit of Damojh airlines to...

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 16, 2018

    Raul Castro Leaving Cuba With New Freedoms, Deep Problems

    In 2008 Raul Castro took over a country where most people couldn’t own computers or cellphones, leave without permission, run most types of private businesses or enter resort hotels. Castro set about re-engineering the system he had helped create and Cuba opened dramatically over his decade in office. But when Castro steps down as president Thursday he will leave his...

  • Los Angeles Dec 3, 2017

    Girl's Christmas Tree Wish Comes True, Thanks to Deputies

    An 11-year-old Lynwood girl wrote a letter asking only for a Christmas Tree for her family. She waited outside her home for four days, hoping for someone who could help. Her wish was eventually answered by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.

  • Department of State Oct 27, 2017

    Cuba Presents Detailed Defense Against Sonic Attack Charges

    Cuba presented its most detailed defense to date against U.S. accusations that American diplomats in Havana were subjected to mysterious sonic attacks that left them with a variety of ailments including headaches, hearing problems and concussions. In a half-hour, prime-time special Thursday titled “Alleged Sonic Attacks,” Cuban officials attempted to undermine the Trump administration’s assertion that 24 U.S. officials or...

  • Associated Press Sep 12, 2017

    Cuba's Decrepit Buildings No Match for Hurricane Irma

    The historic but often decrepit buildings of Havana and other colonial Cuban cities couldn’t stand up to Hurricane Irma’s winds and rainfall, collapsing and killing seven people in one of the highest death tolls from the storm’s passage through the Caribbean.

  • Associated Press Sep 11, 2017

    Hurricane Irma Leaves at Least 10 Dead in Cuba

    The Cuban government said at least 10 people were killed after Hurricane Irma slammed the country on Sept. 9-10.

  • Cuba Sep 11, 2017

    More Aid, Evacuations in Caribbean Islands Battered by Irma

    With ports mended and weather cleared, officials sent in more aid and arranged stepped-up evacuations Monday in remote Caribbean islands devastated and cut off by Hurricane Irma. Many in the chain of Leeward Islands known as the playground for the rich and famous have criticized governments for failing to respond quickly to the disaster caused by the Category 5 hurricane....

  • energy Nov 29, 2016

    From Milk to Lightbulbs, Fidel Castro Reshaped Life in Cuba

    Fidel Castro changed the flavor of the milk Cuban children drink at breakfast. He filled Cuban kitchens with energy-saving rice cookers, and he gave a two-hour lesson in their use live on national television. He even changed the nation’s lightbulbs, launching a nationwide campaign to replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescents that cast a pallid white light in Cuban homes to...

  • energy Nov 26, 2016

    Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Dies at 90

    Cuban television has announced the death of Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba and leader of the 1950s Cuban revolution. NBC’s Bruce Hall reports.

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