We Barbarians Evolve at Soda Bar

We Barbarians, a Brooklyn by-way-of-Long Beach band best known for its tribal, percussive, indie sound, will join ANR, a Miami duo compared to the likes of Yeasayer, Animal Collective and MGMT, in what is quite possibly the most perfect marriage of experimental indie pop one could hope for at a show at Soda Bar on Sept. 20.  

With the recent release of We Barbarians' latest EP, Headspace, the group reveals what exactly is in their headspace -- and there seems to be a lot. Darker tones emanate throughout, in that brooding nature usually done best by such artists as Arcade Fire or Kings of Leon. The collection of tracks lacks variety, though; all follow the same flow, but the angst and energy run consistently high nevertheless. The Brookyln air has definitely made an impact on the trio -- and they'll no doubt bring a refreshing dose of fall to San Diego, too. This is sweater-weather music. 

ANR will balance out We Barbarians. With ANR's brand of tropical bohemia, their music doesn't just hold onto remnants of an Indian summer -- it's still soaking up whatever rays are left. The band was really put on the map with its recent remixes of the Naked & Famous, Hercules & the Love Affair, Visions of Trees, Kele and Million Young. The blogosphere is a sucker for a good remix, and bands like ANR know this well. With experimental chops, they take remixes into new dimensions, adding their signature blend of layering in the mix, making it entirely their own. The duo -- Brian Robertson (keyboards, vocals) and Michael-John Hancock (vocals, drums) -- recorded Stay Kids in 2010, a record that was considered "post-apocolyptic pop," paying homage to Brian Wilson, Prince and Keith Emerson. 

Whatever your taste, these bands are in season. You can check them both out at Soda Bar on Sept 20. Grab your tickets here.


Nada Alic runs the San Diego-based music blog Friends With Both Arms. Follow her updates on Twitter or contact her directly.

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