The Havnauts Ask the Pandemic Musical Question: ‘Do You Notice Distance?'

The Havnauts SD LIVE 10
Vito Di Stefano

San Diego musicians have continued during the pandemic to impress with beautiful pieces of art. On Monday, the Havnauts dropped a new video, and it's worth watching more than once.

The video is for their track, “Melody Albertson,” the second track off their eight-song album, “Real Good Now,” which was released on New Year's Day. The disc was recorded with Mike Kamoo at Earthing Studios, and this is the band's first video from the record uploaded to its YouTube channel.

The video finds each member in their respective homes, returning to dizzying 360 degree shots of frontwoman Shelbi Bennett in a her living room, all the members suited up in their trademark pink outfits. We get to see drummer Jenny Merullo brushing her teeth, dancing in her kitchen and air-drumming while making sunny-side-up eggs. We see bassist Zak Kmak applying pink eye shadow and singing in front of a backdrop of pink flowers and guitarist Josh Smith front-yard cocktailing and playing video games on his bed. And holding it all together is Bennett sitting, bored, along her fence line, tearing apart bougainvillea flowers intercut with some super-cool shots shot of her peering into her mailbox.

“Do you notice distance? / I'm catching myself inchin' / Should I bring to your attention? / Is it me or is there tension?” Bennett sings to the void.

The indie quartet have a spunky punk edge and are a personal favorite in San Diego. It appears they're keeping busy throughout the stay-home order. Bennett is also the frontwoman for the Midnight Pine, who released a previously live studio session recorded pre-pandemic for “Stolen Wind” & “Caution.” She's also been toying with the Acapella App and sharing videos on her personal Instagram page @buffalobisonbuffalo.

No doubt San Diegans have stepped up their creativity in this time, and while we certainly can't wait to get back to enjoying live music, we appreciate the musicians creating to keep us rockin' at home.

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