SoundDiego Pod EP9: “This Will Sound Like a Humble-Brag, So I Apologize…” — Switchfoot's Drew Shirley

On EP9 of the SoundDiego Podcast, Switchfoot's Drew Shirley explains how his listening habits evolved from Wham to Rush, what it's like hanging out with the Edge from U2, settles the pressing issue of who, exactly, is the nicest guy in Switchfoot — and more.

Drew Shirley (pictured, right) guests on Episode 9 of the SoundDiego Podcast
Eric Page

Switchfoot hardly needs an introduction in San Diego, but the hometown Grammy-award winning band has enjoyed several chart-busting hits, is beloved by millions of fans worldwide and always makes a point to give back to the community at large, especially here in town. Their annual Switchfoot Bro-Am surf/music charity festival has become a local tradition, but sadly, this year's edition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic (read the SoundDiego article on it here). You can't keep a good band down, however, and while the fest isn't happening, Feeding San Diego has set up a COVID-19 relief fund and Switchfoot has asked for their fans to go here and donate if possible. Stay up-to-date with the band at

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Episode 9 Show Notes:

  • PSA: Drew needs a nickname! If you think of a good one for him, leave a comment or send us a message — he may just adopt it!
  • During the lockdown, Switchfoot has been connecting with fans by posting videos of home performances. Here's a rendition of the song "Love Alone Is Worth the Fight."
  • If, like us, you're sad 2020 won't have a Bro-Am festival. Relive all the beach/music glory with our SoundDiego photos from 2017 here. Already looking forward to 2021!
  • Drew's go-to karaoke song is Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," and we gotta admit: It's a bold choice! Here's the cover he mentioned on the show of the song performed by Switchfoot.
  • In case you heard A or B Side and were wondering: No, Eric Wilson (from Sublime) and Patrick Wilson (from Weezer) are not related, they just both happen to live in the San Diego area.
  • The episode's Spotlight artist of the week is Doom Bloom! If you enjoyed the thick, hearty slab of shoegazey post-rock courtesy of "E.L.K.," head over to to hear/watch more and purchase some music — and also be sure to catch 'em at a local show when the world gets (somewhat) back to normal. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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