SoundDiego Podcast EP7: Choosey

On EP7 of the SoundDiego Podcast, acclaimed San Diego rapper Choosey joins us to talk about his hit collaboration with Aloe Blacc, his all-time dream lowrider, the profound influence of Tupac — and more.

Choosey sits in on Episode 7 of the SoundDiego Podcast
Eric Page

In 2019, San Diego rapper Choosey (and producer Exile) dropped one of the best albums of the year with "Black Beans" (via Dirty Science Records). A mix of vintage doo-wop, AM radio oldie samples and Choosey's impeccably smooth flow, the record launched him into the limelight the world over. Naturally, Choosey took home Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at our own 2019 SoundDiego Music Awards and is currently up for Best Hip-Hop or Rap Artist at the 2020 San Diego Music Awards. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram; and visit his online store at, for news, and his Bandcamp page for more music.

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Episode 7 Show Notes:

  • Haven't seen the video for "Low Low," featuring Aloe Blacc yet? Here ya go!
  • One of the best events San Diego has to offer is Barrio Logan's annual La Vuelta Festival — here's the SoundDiego TV recap of 2018's fest!
Hometown heroes the B-Side Players headlined Barrio Logan's La Vuelta festival -- which is part car show, part block party and 100 percent fun. Watch the SoundDiego TV recap now. (Filmed by Eric Casas)
  • Love a '63 Impala as much as Choosey? Visit and do your best not to drool over all the epic photos.
  • If you haven't heard SWV's huge hit single "Weak" in a while (which Choosey rocks at karaoke), do yourself a favor and check out the video here.
  • Lest you doubt Choosey skating abilities, peep his appearance on the Skate Shop Podcast EP1 video, where you can see the man himself in action!

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