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SoundDiego Podcast EP15: ‘The Skill I Had at Rock Band Didn't Translate at All Into Real Life' — Elise Trouw

On Episode 15 of the SoundDiego Podcast, San Diego YouTube mashup star Elise Trouw explains how she graduated from playing video games to playing sold-out stages, shares onstage horror stories about her tour with Incubus and why she wants her fake I.D. back from Mavericks in PB.

Elise Trouw guests on EP15 of the SoundDiego Podcast
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On this week's episode of the SoundDiego Podcast, Elise Trouw joins in the fun. A native San Diegan, she found herself with an immense online fan base from an early age, thanks in no small part to drumming videos she posted to YouTube and Instagram. Recently, through the power of unique cover-song mashups (Radiohead/the Police, Foo Fighters/Bobby Caldwell, etc.), her own music, and amazing performances where she plays every instrument of a song via live looping, she's becoming a household name. Head over to EliseTrouw.com to keep up-to-date.

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Episode 15 Show Notes:

  • Here's Elise doing some live looping in her mashup of Foo Fighters' "Everlong" and Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do for Love."
  • Both SoundDiego Podcast host Dustin Lothspeich and Elise were at Tame Impala's March 9 show at Pechanga Arena San Diego — and it was spectacular. Here's some great front-row footage.
  • This episode's Spotlight song of the week is, of course, by Elise, and it's her single "How to Get What You Want." Go ahead and follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for more music, videos and news.

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