SoundDiego Podcast EP12: ‘Those Sibling Ties Will Always Be There' — Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins

On Episode 12 of the SoundDiego Podcast, Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins belts out her favorite Whitney Houston hit, admits she's guilty of going to a show and talking during a set, shares what it's like to write music with her brother and fellow Grammy winner — and more.

Sara Watkins guests on Episode 12 of the SoundDiego Podcast.
Maarten deBoer

Episode 12 of the SoundDiego Podcast welcomes Sara Watkins, who got her start right here in North County San Diego as co-founder/fiddler of the Grammy-winning bluegrass group Nickel Creek. She's since embarked on an acclaimed solo career, is one-third of the folk supergroup I'm With Her — and also plays in the Watkins Family Hour with her brother, Sean (who is also in Nickel Creek, as is Chris Thile, now the host of NPR's "Live From Here"). They've got a brand-new album out fittingly titled "Brother Sister" and, unsurprisingly, it's been receiving rave reviews. Head over to their website,, to buy a download and check out the group's various goings-on.

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Episode 12 Show Notes:

  • Want a taste of the new Watkins Family Hour album? Here's the official video of its first single, "Just Another Reason."
  • Sara and Sean's original group, Nickel Creek, recently received a great writeup by NPR's Brittney McKenna about the band's legacy and debut album's impact on the folk/bluegrass world. Give it a read here.
  • As mentioned during First Four, "The Bodyguard" film soundtrack was absolutely massive. It won the Grammy Award in 1993 for Album of the Year, is still the bestselling album by a female singer and sold more than 45 million copies worldwide, thanks in no small part to Whitney Houston's chart-topping Dolly Parton cover, "I Will Always Love You." You heard Sara belt out another single from the album, "I Have Nothing," on the pod — so here's the real thing's official video.
  • Didn't realize Stone Temple Pilots got their start in San Diego? This 1993 Spin interview with the band by the late, great Jonathan Gold sheds some light on their local origins.
  • This episode's Spotlight song of the week is the multi-San Diego Music Award-winning group Trouble in the Wind's "We'll Make It Through, which premiered exclusively on this week's SoundDiego podcast. The song is the very first single off the band's upcoming studio album, "Weird Living" (due out later this summer). Head over to their Bandcamp page to buy some music or merch, and support them in these hard times. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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