SoundDiego LIVE Goes with Quality Social

September's SoundDiego LIVE event in the Gaslamp was such a hit, we figured we'd stick around.

The next SoundDiego LIVE will be held tonight, Oct. 25, at Quality Social. The venue is known for its classy vibe and fun atmosphere, so what better place for a SoundDiego party?

It's a return trip for SoundDiego LIVE -- in fact, we kicked off our concert series at Quality Social in May 2010 with the Howls and Josh Damigo, who got support from DJ Robin Roth, who later became a contributor.

October's event will be hosted by the lovely and talented Tim Pyles -- see, we're not sexist -- who some of you may know from FM 94/9. And just as the downtown bar provides quality in everything down to its name, we're supplying some quality music -- namely, the Styletones and Neon Cough.


The Styletones frontman Stevie Harris said his band is looking forward to playing the show.

"A SoundDiego show is a major party and compliment, a chance to destroy a small club with soul on camera, sounding pretty," Harris said. "It's a marvelous opportunity to be seen and felt by a bunch of new loves."

Harris and Co. will even be updating their wardrobe for the event.

"I think we're all getting new suits with yellow tiger stripes," he said. "And also don't be ashamed if you can't dance. We'll teach ya ... hip thigh arms repeat."

Neon Cough frontman Dan Luko is also excited for the show.

"This will be our first time playing the SoundDiego LIVE event, and we're looking forward to bringing our music to a new crowd that may be experiencing the band for the first time," Luko said. "We've heard great things about past SoundDiego LIVE performances, and we're excited to be a part of it.  Plus, we're coming off a little break in shows, so we're ready to rock out."

Luko also relishes the opportunity to share the bill with the Styletones.

"Having Neon Cough and the Styletones on the same bill is going to make for a crazy night," he said. "On paper, the bands couldn't be more different. Genres aside, they are an eight-piece band and we are a three-piece. At the same time, both groups add our own modern twists on classic genres and play super high-energy music. Any way you slice it, this will be an action-packed night that music fans will love."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Kicking off the Oct. 25 show will be the winner of our monthly Garage 2 Glory contest, an online battle of the bands. Keep an eye out for an announcement of which bands will be competing.

You may have heard of rocking the vote, but with SoundDiego LIVE events, the vote rocks you back. People who sign up for the party guest list will automatically be entered to win a free guitar. There's only one hitch -- you have to be at SoundDiego LIVE to win the instrument.

With three bands scheduled to play, you won't go hungry for music, but you still might get thirsty. Don't worry, we've got you covered: Get to Quality Social early and you can enjoy a VIP happy hour presented by Jack Daniel's, with free food from Quality Social and a cocktail from 7-8 p.m.

On the off-chance you enjoy all that delicious whiskey a little too much, we've got you covered there, too. The folks from BeMyDD will be on hand to provide three teams for two hours, with drivers waiting on site to drive home as many people and their cars as possible during the two hours at the end of SoundDiego LIVE. Anyone who uses BeMyDD at SoundDiego LIVE will get an annual membership for free (typically, folks get a 30-day trial with a $25 annual membership). Plus, one lucky partygoer will win a free ride to and from October's SoundDiego LIVE, courtesy of BeMyDD.

So get on the list now. This is going to be one Thursday night party you don’t want to miss!

SoundDiego associate editor Chris Maroulakos is also the managing editor of the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.

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