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SoundDiego LIVE Just Got Even Better

For our next free SoundDiego LIVE party, we've tapped three great bands, Tim Pyles as our host and Wild Barrel Brewing for a craft-beer happy hour!

Courtesy of Feels

Local music fans headed to our next free SoundDiego LIVE party at the Casbah on Thursday just got some very good news: Wild Barrel Brewing has signed on as our new VIP happy-hour craft-beer sponsor, and the bill now boasts the dark and dance-able sounds of opener Scary Pierre, with DJ Andrew McGranahan keeping the house humming between acts.

For our 68th party, we decided to head back to the legendary club on Kettner Boulevard to kick off 2020 in style, as we have for the last seven years! It's a tradition very worthy of continuing because not only do we have a great lineup for you to enjoy, it's at one of best rock joints in the entire country! Can't beat that.

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Now in its 31st year, the Casbah has been at the forefront of rock music since it opened its doors as the Pink Panther back in the day. The sheer number of huge acts that have graced its stage is just mind-boggling (Nirvana, the White Stripes, the Cult, the National, the Black Keys, Arcade Fire, etc.) making it not only one of the greatest treasures here in San Diego, but nationwide as well.

Of course, our Casbah show wouldn't be complete without asking the club's resident local booker, Tim Pyles (who you can hear on 91x Loudspeaker from 7-10 p.m. every Sunday night), to host! And even less surprising is the fact that we've also got some very special guests booked to perform at this one. We'll let Pyles do the honors.

“As our headliner, we've got Feels! They're an LA-based, punk-influenced rock & roll band -- and they sound like a whole hell of a lot of fun to me! Feels is the future: a pastiche and blend of all the awesome genres mixed into one band! They claim psych, punk, grunge, post-punk and futuristic rock & roll. See what I mean? Taking the best from those genres and putting it all into one package. I am always looking for bands that rock and this one satiates my need for the tribal sounds. Let's rock with reckless abandon, like they used to -- let's make memories."

Aside from headlining action via Feels, we're bringing local merchants of psychedelia on board as well. Pyles is stoked: "Wild Wild Wets are San Diego's premier psych-rock band and they've been putting together the various Freak Out events held mostly at the Casbah, but not exclusively. So if you like visuals, going on a trip, maybe a journey to the center of your mind, then this is the band for you."

If those two groups weren't enough, we've also tapped one of our favorite local bands, Scary Pierre, to open, too! The band is fronted by Lucina Mays, who Pyles has said reminds him of a female Jim Morrison. They're not to be missed, so get there early for the VIP happy hour sponsored by our new craft-brewing sponsor, Wild Barrel Brewing, a San Marcos gem famed for their sours and IPAs.

The party starts at 8 p.m., so be sure to show up early for some Wild Barrel suds, and be prepared to have fun! Remember: You've got to RSVP to partake in the happy-hour freebies so get on it!

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