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SoundDiego notes the songwriters that speaks to San Diego

It is a widely accepted trope that San Diego is among the best places on earth to chill. It’s this kind of atmosphere that, just maybe, encourages songwriters to pick up their guitars and get to work on the porch. 

Whatever the real reason may be, San Diego has become a breeding ground for recognized songwriters. SoundDiego has picked 12 of San Diego's top singer/songwriters to spotlight:
  • Astra Kelly: Her power-pop sensibilities have garnered her a handful of San Diego Music Award nominations and featured jams on the Rock Band video game. 
  • Colin Clyne: This Scottish transplant has quickly become a hometown favorite due to his genuine approach to his art of songwriting. 
  • Gayle Skidmore: She may just be one of the most multitalented musicians roaming San Diego today.  Aside from being an established songstress, Skidmore also plays more instruments than you can count on both hands. 
  • Mr. Gregory Page: Considered to be one of the most prolific songwriters in San Diego, Page has released dozens of records and dabbled in genres from folk to jazz.
  • Jewel: Before she was a pop icon, Jewel Kilcher put in her time in at the San Diego coffee-shop scene. 
  • Jim Croce: '70s folk standout Croce relocated to San Diego before his untimely death in a plane crash in 1973. 
  • John Meeks: Many nights around San Diego, you can drop in on Meeks serenading a local tavern with his heartfelt, country-infused ramblings. 
  • Josh Damigo: Damigo is a constant presences in the San Diego coffee-house circuit, thanks to his consistent output and dedication to the local musical scene. 
  • Miss Erika Davies: That heavenly voice earned Davies the prize for Best Jazz artist of 2012 at the San Diego Music Awards. 
  • Sara Petite: There’s nothing small about this local’s odes to the deep roots of American country and folk heritage. 
  • Tom Waits: Little introduction is necessary for the quintessential raspy-throated troubadour who attended Hilltop High in Chula Vista. 
  • Tristan Prettyman: Hailing from North County, Prettyman embodies the laid-back beach vibes of her former surf haunts. 
We couldn’t possibly name them all. Who’s your favorite San Diego singer/songwriter? Give us a shout on Facebook
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