PICS: Snow Tha Product at House of Blues

Let it snow: House of Blues hosted the incomparable hometown Latina rap star Snow Tha Product recently.

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Rick Ward
For the unfamiliar, the rapper got her start selling her CDs right here in town on the streets of downtown San Diego!
Rick Ward
She's, of course, since blown up and has millions of devoted fans around the world. The rapid-fire emcee's latest mixtape, "Vibe Higher," was released in December of 2018 -- but she's been releasing singles online since then.
Rick Ward
Right after being announced to the stage, Snow sprayed the crowd with Champagne and chugged a sip (which she's been known to do). Needless to say, it was a party on stage the whole time.
Rick Ward
Snow was in town earlier this year, as a San Diego Pride Festival co-headliner.
Rick Ward
The bisexual artist spoke to SoundDiego in an interview about it: "I haven’t actually gone to San Diego Pride ever," she said. "I’ve done an LA one and a few in different states but never in San Diego. And to be honest, I barely went to Hillcrest, like, last year. I had never really partied when I was in San Diego, I was real young, so I really didn’t party anywhere 21 and up."
Rick Ward
During the show, Snow brought out her fiance Julissa, aka JuJu. They've been dating since 2017 and they announced their engagement just this past July. The rap star pulled JuJu to center stage from the side of the stage after the audience chanted JuJu's name. Together they have a YouTube channel called "EverydayDays" they were both seen prior to the show posing for fan photos during the VIP meet-and-greet.
Rick Ward
Also joining her onstage was her brother and her opening act -- they helped get the crowd hyped up for the whole set.
Rick Ward
They also shared a few shots of Patron with Snow as well.
Rick Ward
Snow pulled up about 10-15 women from the crowd to dance on stage at about the middle of the set and they remained up there, showing off their moves until the end.
Rick Ward
During the show, a Mexican flag adorned with LGBTQ rainbow colors was handed up from the audience.
Rick Ward
During this year's SoundDiego interview, Snow also talked about her fierce independence, staying authentic to one's self, and why she's become a role model to so many: "Both the fact that I dropped out of college or am in a relationship with a woman, or chose to be a rapper in a career where there aren’t very many Latina women for that matter, I do take it as a responsibility to kind of have pride in what I am and show young girls like, 'Yo, you could do this.'"
Rick Ward
As expected, the show was incredible and we're hoping she comes back home soon!
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