PICS: Oliver Tree at the Observatory North Park

'Miracle Man': Oliver Tree's long-awaited (farewell?) San Diego show on Sept. 28 had the Observatory North Park positively buzzing.

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Rick Ward
The self-proclaimed "professional scooter rider" put on a fantastic live show on Sept. 28.
Oliver, who launched his music career in 2010 as "Tree," was assisted out to center stage by a member of his road crew, donning operating room attire.
Mike De Baecke
He performed all but his encore song in a wheelchair modified with a microphone stand attached.
Rick Ward
He exclaimed to the crowd: "As many of you know I do all my own stunts. I messed up my foot jumping out of a hover car while filming my next music video. My doctor has advised me to not play shows but I wouldn’t miss my last tour for anything."
Rick Ward
Of course, the audience went wild.
Rick Ward
By all indications, his current tour -- billed as the "Goodbye, Farewell Tour" -- will be his last. On June 6, he took to Twitter and wrote: "Dear fans, it pains me to say this but this will be my last and final tour. If you ever wanted to see me, now’s your chance. Tickets on sale next week. Thanks for everything. Goodbye, farewell from your old pal Oliver Tree."
It's a curious declaration from the electro-pop/alt-rap artist, who dropped his fourth music video and single "Miracle Man" only days earlier, and released his most recent EP "Do You Feel Me?" in August.
Rick Ward
Last tour or not though, the Saturday night crowd was all-ages and lively throughout its entirety. They sang along to every song and jumped in the air whenever Oliver hyped them up to do so.
Rick Ward
They were asked to take out their phones and turn on their flash lights to set a mood for one of his more mellow songs -- and were more than happy to oblige.
Rick Ward
A little history: Oliver grew up in Santa Cruz, and began playing piano at the age of 2. He sang and played guitar in a rock band called Irony, and later became a DJ and recorded with the rap group Mindf---. Under his "Tree" moniker, he opened shows for Tyler, the Creator, Nero and Frank Ocean.
Rick Ward
For his encore, he was assisted on and off stage by his fellow bandmates -- all wearing the larger-than-life outfits he is famed for in his music videos.
AP/Kevin Hagen
While the show may have been the last time fans will see him in San Diego, we're holding out hope he changes his mind and comes back soon!
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