Pandemic Playlist 6: NOT Just Another Music Monday

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Vito Di Stefano

How is lockdown treating you? Are you wearing a mask when in public? Thanks so much! Then this Pandemic Playlist is for you, the rule followers. I have no answers, just great music to get you through. Remember, we're all in this together. Tired of hearing that yet? Tune into this and get lost on your own musical island …

"Rise," by Veronica May: Unfortunately, May just moved to Colorado, but I'm sure she will be back -- her heart is in SD. From her stints as a singer-songwriter to downright rock & roller, I've always admired Veronica May. Support her here.

"Trust Love," by Tori Roze & the Hot Mess: Roze is funk, rock, soul and what you might call a true powerhouse! Help her out in all her endeavors here.

"Road Less Traveled," by Sara Petite: From singer-songwriter to outlaw country, this girl gets around the sounds. She has the right amount of twang. Get in touch with her here.

"Hourglass, by Gayle Skidmore: While Skidmore is from San Diego, she resides in some Scandinavian country now, but visits often, Her music is beautiful and poetic. Go to her site to find out more and support.

"What Do All the People Know," by the Monroes: This song encapsulates the '80s and is on several compilations recognizing the times. Plus, the former frontwoman for the Runaways, Cherie Currie, just put out a solo album and covers it. I suppose you should buy that album to support the Monroes, because they must get some residualsm or go to their site to make a "direct deposit."

"Don't Push Me Around," by the Zeros: This is punk rock from the South Bay of San Diego circa 1977 -- and they still exist today! No web site, but they still put out vinyl records, go buy one!

"Good Lovin'," by the Paladins: One of the premier roots/rockabilly bands going back to the '80s, and they are from San Diego. The best news is they still perform! Get yourself some swag here.

The Girl Can't Help It," by the Little Richards: With the passing of Little Richard, I felt it was important to include SD's Little Richards band, which features El Vez, plus Pat and Lety from the Schizophonics, where they cover Little Richard.

"Nicole's Song," by the Strawberry Moons: Psychedelic garage pop from a band that has quite the resume and features members of Shake Before Us and the Burning of Rome. Please support them here.

"Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child," by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper: If your store don't have some Mojo Nixon, it could sure use some fixin'! He's an MTV legend -- the world needs Mojo Nixon! Lok out for his new documentary!

We're very lucky here in San Diego -- not only do we get the great weather, our music scene is rich and deep. Please find a way to support our local music community. Thanks!

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