Pandemic Party: Have a Little Hurricane Happy Hour

Little Hurricane Zoom Happy Hour
Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane, the beloved blues-rock based duo with deep San Diego roots, is taking the Zoom meeting to a new level.

On Monday, the band posted on Facebook that it was available to perform during virtual happy hours via the digital meeting app. Anthony "Tone" Catalano and Celeste "CC" Spina will host your "corporate meeting, group happy hours, family reunions, surprise or birthday parties," according to the post -- or, as they put it, "#hustle #covidcantstopus #workfromhome."

Little Hurricane, who are multiple San Diego Music Award winners -- they're also nominated for Best Blues Album and Album of the Year at this year's SDMAs, which were pushed back to July -- will play a one-hour set for up to 100 viewers, followed by a virtual meet-and-greet. Tough to get an autograph, but there's always the virtual selfie.

The couple, who are currently living with their two young children near Placerville, California, dropped their latest album, "Love Luck," in 2019. We caught them on the phone while they were driving to the American River, where Tone was going to "surf" on a sort of fixed wave in the river. No red tide for him.

CC said they were surprised by interest in the happy hours.

"We're a little overwhelmed with it, actually," CC said.

In fact, she said. they were still trying to figure out to do some of the shows. One challenge? "The kids," Tone said -- finding childcare during a pandemic is no easy feat. Still, it's a good problem to have.

"It's been kinda cool," CC said. "We did one last week on Zoom…. We're trying to accommodate everyone."

So, the big question: How much? The band will play for a flat fee, but the size of that fee depends on the performance and the client.

"The corporate thing: Up to 100 guests for a thousand dollars, and then we are doing 20-minute sessions for 20 people or less for $150," CC said

Tone said the best way to contact the band is by shooting them an email at -- now we just need one of you to set one up and invite us!

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