The Features Come in From the “Wilderness”

Naming a record Wilderness doesn't seem all that original. It sort of falls in line with the outdoor-loving hipster aesthetic where people put birds on things and camp in their back yards. It's also got a strong folk vibe, but the Features manage to rebrand the whole Thoreau aesthetic while adding a little Southern rock attitude to it. 

This Nashville band is set to come through Soda Bar Saturday night with their unique brand of Tennessee indie rock. Wilderness has been given a lot of hype recently, landing them on late-night shows like Jimmy Kimmel and a placement on the Twilight soundtrack, not to mention nods from Spin and Time magazine. It helps that they've gotten support from their label: Kings of Leon's Serpents and Snakes/Bug Music. 

You can hear why in their sound, which could position them as distant cousins of Kings of Leon. The band plays the vintage/modern juxtaposition well. Gleaning from more psychedelic sounds while keeping it predominantly pop, the Features have managed to sound relevant without sounding too kitchsy, yet they're not without some humor; they have a track entitled "Rambo," an homage to the film (naturally). 

Wilderness is the band's third release, and perhaps its most aggressive. With powerful melodies, catchy riffs and frontman Matt Pelham's clever lyricism, there's a certain confidence that, after over a decade, keeps the band exciting (and excited). 

Check them out at Soda Bar Saturday with the Beautiful View -- headlining on Feb. 23 at SoundDiego LIVE -- and the Darrows. 

Nada Alic runs the San Diego-based music blog Friends With Both Arms.Follow her updates on Twitter or contact her directly.

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