Autumn in Coachella?

Whether at sea or in the desert, the general public can’t seem to get enough Coachella.

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The music festival, which began in 1999, has seen its popularity proliferate. Gone are the days of buying a single-day ticket a few days before -- chances are they were snapped up long before the lineup was even announced. It’s evolved into a more than just a music festival; these days it's a social event, a trendy who’s who of Hollywood and music culture chockful of DJ tents, after-parties and expensive water.

Coachella’s wild success has prompted concert promoter Goldenvoice to propose changes to its current special events agreement with the city of Indio. The proposed changes to the current agreement are the addition of two festival dates and an increase in the size of each of the festivals.

The additions would include two Coachella festival days in the fall, and the addition of a smaller festival, not unlike the smaller Stagecoach that follows Coachella in the fall. This would expand Goldenvoice's on-site presence to nine days a year, doubling the amount currently contracted with Indio.

Also up for discussion is the increasing the attendance and property available for the festivals. Goldenvoice is also asking for permission to increase Coachella attendance by 4,000 guests (from 95,000 to 99,000) and increase the smaller festivals from 65,000 to 75,000.

No decisions have been made yet about whether the planned expansions will go into effect. After last year’s event sold out in under two hours for both weekends, its clear the demand for more Coachella is there.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are bitter because we’re too broke to go.

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