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When I think about Anthology, I think about a sonically perfect room. Regardless who the performer was I was seeing grace the stage, I have always been mystified by how great they sound, and it's always a great experience, whether I'm sitting in the communal tables having dinner next to strangers (who inevitably become friends by the end of the sitting) or floating around the bar.

At SoundDiego, we’re incredibly thrilled that our next SoundDiego LIVE event will take place in such a beautiful room. This is one of the largest spaces we've been in to date, and when asked to program the night, I hopped to the opportunity. The bands I chose -- the Blackout Party and Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels -- both have rich, full sounds that will complement the room perfectly.

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  • Hosted Svedka Vodka Cocktails for the first 50 through the door (doors at 9:30 p.m.)
  • Reverse Happy Hour all night
  • This month, we’re partnering with DiscoverSD – get the party started early with free admission to the Big Sam’s Funky Nation Party. Click here for details (door at 7 p.m.)

The Blackout Party have been rocking San Diego for a few years now, and aside from having the pleasure of calling all of the band members friends, their rock has just enough of a country twang that commands a tear in your shot of whiskey. With Brian Holwerda’s strong vocals, the band has made a name for itself in the San Diego music scene and should prove to be extra special on Anthology's stage.

It was actually at a Blackout Party show that Brian introduced me to Jesse LaMonaca, though I'd already heard his name tossed around town. We shook hands -- Jesse has the kind of handshake you know means something, and within minutes, I booked him at West Coast Tavern based on that handshake. The band's power to transform a room and grab the attention of casual listeners is nothing short of amazing to witness. Along with the full band, Jesse lets the music wash over him and is compelled by the tunes, which in turn is compelling to audiences, who demand multiple encores.

With the Blackout Party and Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels, you'll be treated to two of San Diego's finest bands, and from what I hear, they're already planning some special surprises for the evening. Be sure to RSVP, and we'll see you at the show!

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