Korn’s Fieldy Goes Tribal

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In true rock star fashion, Korn bassist Fieldy was over an hour late for his 4 p.m. book signing at Tribal on 5th and Broadway on Thursday, but his fans didn't seem to mind.

Fans from all over the world -- including people from Japan and Europe -- lined up all the way out to sidewalk to get their picture taken and to have their copies of Fieldy, Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery and Korn autographed. 

Screen Grabs: Korn's Fieldy Goes Tribal

Fieldy made it a point to meet and greet every fan who showed up, and the people from the downtown clothing and art shop made each and every person in attendance feel at home. The bassist brought along his wife and young son, Israel, to catch a glimpse of his stardom.

The nu metal star's stay at Tribal lasted close to two hours before he made his way back to his gigantic tour bus, where he got ready for Korn's show at 4th & B.

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