9 of San Diego's Most Stylish Bands

We picked nine SD bands with mad style

Music has always been at the forefront of fashion, inspiring some of the world's biggest style trends (and lamest -- anyone still got their Hammer pants?), so, with that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite stylish San Diego bands. We've kept a close eye on the fashion-forward hard-strutters in our local music scene, and these artists always come pret-a-porter.

  • The Styletones: These guys always bring the funk, and they always look good doing it. Usually dressed in an expensive-looking suit, frontman Stevie Harris stands out like the Bat signal on a pitch-black Gotham City night -- his all-white suit, hat and retro '70s sunglasses couldn't fit this band's groove any better. 
  • The Silent Comedy: We dare you to find a more impressive ratio of hair-to-moustache in town than these winners of the 2013 San Diego Music Awards for Best Pop and Song of the Year. Besides blowing away folks with the religious-like fervor of their live shows, the band has got chutzpah in spades. 
  • Flaggs: This up-and-coming buzz band features members of the Nervous Wreckords and the New Kinetics, and they've rocked their signature uniform of denim vests (with a big Flaggs patch on the back) and gleaming white high-top Chucks at every show (and sometimes out around town if they're feeling extra sassy) since Day 1. This band rolls tight like a motorcycle gang, and we love it. 
  • The Rosalyns: A newish San Diego supergroup-of-sorts made up of members of Chinese Rocks, the New Kinetics, the Schitzophonics, the El Vez Punk Rock Revue and the Loons, this all-girl band channels '60s garage punk better than anyone else. The kicker? They wear incredibly cute matching outfits that wouldn't have looked out of place on the Ronettes or the Shangri-Las back in the day. If that ain't stylish, we don't know what is.   
  • Dead Feather Moon: The five guys in this group vary their stage looks between trusty leather jackets, old-school country & western shirts and skinny jeans -- all while their finely trimmed beards blow gently in the wind. Let it be known: When these dudes take the stage, they bring the swagger.    
  • Gregory Page: While technically not a "band" in the strictest sense of the word, we can't deny that Mr. Page is one of the coolest cats around. Usually wearing his clear-framed, vintage-looking glasses and some type of sharp ensemble that resembles a '20s-era jazz singer, this perennial San Diego singer/songwriter favorite always takes it to the next level. Even cooler is the fact that he's probably oblivious to all of it.  
  • The Beautiful View: These hard rockers always dress to impress for every show, and in a world of indie darlings wearing floppy hats, ironic T-shirts and frayed jean shorts, they buck the trend by rocking clean vests, starched button-downs and freshly pressed slacks. Think Sinatra via the Foo Fighters. 
  • Okapi Sun: Leo and Dallas are the two lovely ladies that make up this electro-pop group, and they've established a consistently fun image from the get-go. Generally paired in neon-colored jeans and charmingly patterned tops, the women do accessories like nobody's business: They routinely rock armbands, headbands, wristbands, glowsticks, bracelets and sunglasses while parading around some of the most luscious hair this side of Paul Mitchell. 
  • Retox: In a genre chalkful of folks that come off as Hot Topic poseurs, these guys ooze old-school DIY punk sensibility with the minimal bleakness of post-modern lines. Usually clad in black jeans and white/gray/black shirts or tank tops, this band could not look cooler while rage-melting faces.

So there you have it. Legit picks? You betcha. Controversial? Hardly. We know we're far from the authority on style, so let us know: who did we miss? Hit us up on Facebook with your favorites. 

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