Help Local Musicians Featured on the San Diego Pandemic Playlist

Ten songs -- ok, 11 -- to get through another shut-in Monday

Frights fans turned the band's Balboa Park show into a frenzy.

Every Monday, we're going to put together a little Pandemic Playlist for your listening & viewing pleasure -- like a song? Help out the artist by making a digital purchase.. This week, we take a look at some new local videos as well as some older band recordings. Hope you enjoy! -- Ed.

1. Marie Haddad: "Atlantis II"
Marie is an incredible local singer/songwriter, San Diego Music Award winner and music teacher IRL. She recently released this incredible animated video. Support her on Bandcamp

2. Switchfoot: "When We Come Alive"
This year's Bro-Am is canceled, but Switchfoot is still imploring people who are able to donate to Feeding San Diego to do so -- donations of up to a total of a million dollars are being matched by some generous donors. The band's uplifting songs may just be the medicine we need right now. Support the Feeding San Diego Covid-19 Response Fund here.

3. Hailey Wild: "Ride Or Die"
Hailey Wild was part of Aztec Brewing's livestream shows until they had to come to an abrupt end as stricter guidelines became enforced. She dropped a new video on Friday of "Ride or Die" and we love it. Support her with a Venmo donation here

4. The Heavy Guilt: "Thoughts"
The Heavy Guilt, part of the Redwoods Revue, has long been a personal favorite, so much so that I even worked for them for a short period of time. Like the Switchfoot clip, this is an older recording from the Red Trolley Show. Buy music and merch from their site here.

5. Ariel Levine: "In This War or the Next"
This is another new video that has dropped in the past couple weeks -- Levine is not to be missed live, once we can get back to live concerts. Support him on Bandcamp

6. The Frights: "Simple and Strange"
It seems crazy to think it was just February when the Frights brought a couple thousand fans to Balboa Park's Spreckel's Organ Pavilion. Here's their simple and strange 91x Sessions. Pick up one of their T-shirts or albums here

7. Rigby Figure: "Empty Tray"
This is the solo project of local musician Tim Powers. "Empty Tray" proves that all we really need is a little extra time on our hands to slow down and create something magical. Support him with a Venmo donation here

8. Blackout Party: "Float on Towards Our Doom"
This is an oldie but goodie from one of my favorite local bands of the past. Frontman Brian Holwerda has moved away from San Diego, but other members -- including Low Volts' Tim Lowman, Daniel Crawford, Jesse Bowen and Jeff Hawthorne -- remain in San Diego and are all still very active in local projects.

9. The Havnauts: "Gained Weight"
Times are really tough right now with the stay-at-home order. I can only speak for myself when I say that I'm not coming out of this whole thing thin and fit from home workouts. Keto has gone out the window. The Havnauts' Shelbi Bennett is one of my faves -- "Gained Weight" isn't just a jam; it's an anthem. Support them on Bandcamp

10. The Donnis Trio: "Pills and Coffee"
Nate Donnis played an event I booked over the winter; his husky vocal delivery kills me every time I hear it. He's been doing a ton of livestreaming; you can support him with a Venmo donation here

Bonus. Well Well Well: "No Surfing"
We just wrote about this one, but thought we could share it again for good measure. Seton Edgerton has lost both of his sources of income, so you can help him out here

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