Gregory Page Pulls ‘Heartstrings' on Valentine's Day

Singer, songwriter and musical astronaut Gregory Page moved to San Diego (at 16) from London, where he attended Trinity College of Music for classical guitar. 

With a stage dedicated to him at Lestat's on Adams Avenue, Page was propelled into the San Diego music scene in the early '90s as the bassist for the Rugburns (with Steve Poltz and Robert Driscoll). Back in the day, there was nothing quite like seeing the Rugburns live at the Tiki House (currently celebrating its 30th anniversary) in Pacific Beach. Packed to the gills, the band would own the tiny beach bar, delivering high-energy, comedic and interactive rock-n-roll. By the late '90s, the Rugburns faded, and Page evolved into a prolific solo artist, collaborating with the likes of Jason Mraz, Jewel, John Doe and A.J. Croce.

A musician's musician, Page's latest endeavor, Heartstrings, carries the spirit of old-time roots jazz. Recorded with Jeff Berkeley in San Diego, the record is a true collaborative effort, featuring Bob Magnusson (upright bass), Gilbert Castellanos (trumpet) and Sky Ladd (piano/arrangements). 


"Gregory's new self-released album, Heartstrings, is a tip of the hat to Al and the Sweet Jazz from another era. During the recording of the album, Gregory often had to step away from the microphone with tears in his eyes; 'never mind him making you cry, he can make himself cry!' It is a rare gift to be able to convey the emotional depth that Gregory has delivered on his newest album, and there is an indescribable sense when listening to his music that you have uncovered a secret."

His 18th independent release, Heartstrings, is available on Valentine's Day via, or the streets of San Diego (a marketing tactic with previous releases).


In addition to supporting all of Page's endeavors, we are proud to announce that Mr. Gregory Page will be performing at the official SoundDiego launch party on March 4 at Bar Basic. Mark your calendars (ticket information coming soon), you'll want to be part of this special evening.

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