Tale of the Wolfe

Singer/songwriter Henry Wolfe is set to play at the Casbah Tuesday night. His music has been described as “gothic-baroque-folk,” due to his mixture of guitar-driven folk songs and renditions of darkly comic story-songs.

Wolfe played in a New York indie rock group, Bravo Silva, for three years before pursuing a solo career in California. He currently resides in L.A.

Isabel Wang: Why did you decide to move to California?
Henry Wolfe: I moved to California because I had been living in New York for four years and playing in a band out there. A couple of things happened that made me feel like it was a good time to move -- the band I was playing in in New York split up, my rent got raised [laughs], I had to move -- was I going to move further away from Manhattan or should I leave the city? I decided it was a great opportunity to explore another city.

IW: How do you like it out here?
HW: I love it, I love it.  It’s cliché, but the weather is so much nicer here. I like the culture and the music scene in L.A. -- much more up my alley, more bands playing the kind of music I’m interested in playing. They share the same values artistically as me. 

IW: What was your most memorable performance?
HW: Last week, I performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show; footage of that is on Youtube and my MySpace page and website. To know that when the red light goes on you’re on air and 2 million people are watching -- definitely a rush. It was also the first time I played with a full band on TV.

IW: How often are you in San Diego, and what is your favorite thing about the city?
HW: When I first moved out here, I had a friend who was studying at UCSD, and I would go down and visit and go surfing, but he graduated, and since then I haven’t been down too much, just a wedding. But San Diego is one of the most pleasant cities that I’ve been to. Four months after I moved here, I was just surfing, and I just couldn’t believe I was here. So different from New York. 

You’re playing at the Casbah in San Diego on March 8. What other shows have you done in San Diego?
HW: This is my very first show in San Diego. I’m really excited about it. it’s been a long time. The other bands -- Everest and Red Cortez  -- are really good. Actually, I’m playing another show in San Diego, at UCSD, on March 28. So two San Diego shows in one month. In fact, my album that’s releasing in April is produced by a UCSD alumni.

Wolfe’s first full length record as a solo artist, Linda Vista,  drops on April 5 and will be available on iTunes.

The singer’s new website will be up next week with new content, videos, lyrics and a store. There will also be sneak peeks of Linda Vista prior to its official release date.

Get tickets to the Casbah show here.
Get tickets to the UCSD show here.


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