Shake It, San Diego

John Digweed
John Digweed

After consuming massive amounts of corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, potato soup, soda bread and green beer on St. Paddy’s Day, you’re going to need a place to burn off all those calories. Not to worry, as there is plenty to choose from on dance floors all over San Diego this weekend.

My pick for starting the party Thursday night is John Digweed (Bedrock Records), who will bring his blend of progressive house and techno to On Broadway downtown. As a DJ, producer and label owner, Digweed has his hands on multiple facets of the music industry. Let's not forget he started DJing when he was 11 years old. His list of achievements is groundbreaking, including the first proper DJ compilation with Sasha called The Mix Collection. He is also the first British DJ to hold a residency (with Sasha) at what was then the world’s most well-known club in NYC, Twilo. His list of remixes is huge: William Orbit, Underworld, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers and New Order, just to name a few. Also along for the ride at this event are a slew of other accomplished DJs, including Kazell, Stillwell, Mark E Quark, Jon Dadon and Randy Vission. This party is 18-plus, so make way for plenty of bodies to enjoy this night of music culminating with a legendary player in the electronic music world. Digweed even has his own iPhone app. For more info about this event, go here

If you love ‘80s music, check out Moonshake at Kadan on Friday night with DJs Indulgent, Mark E. Quark and Bob Dazzla. This special edition will have the boys digging deep into their respective record collections and presenting their version of an ‘80s hedonistic underground club in a Moonshake style. Expect to hear the best and craziest tunes that they own -- everything from early ‘80s disco to italo to EBM to boogie to acid house to early electro. You are also encouraged to dress up in your best/lamest ‘80s gear. Leg warmers, anyone? Check out more details here

While I’m invading the DJ booth Saturday night at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, there will be plenty for you to do in town. Get your dance on at any of these hot spots: U-31, El Dorado or Voyeur. You can’t go wrong either way. There’s the Teamsters Ball at U-31, where two mixers and four turntables will keep the floor on fire all night. Two of my favorite local DJs are spinning: Ayla Simone and DJ Schoeny. I’ve been following Ms. Simone for the past year, and she really knows how to work a crowd. I always give props to fellow female DJs, as this business is still dominated by men. If you ever have the chance to check her out live, definitely do so. You’ll love it! 

For more info, visit my blog. See you on the dance floor!

Robin Roth is a familiar voice in the San Diego scene.  She is on the air weekdays from 10am to 2pm on 91X, plus she promotes and spins all over town.  For more info about upcoming gigs, check out her event blog. Follow Robin on Twitter @robin_roth or submit your DJ listings here.

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