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The band headlines a sold out bill at the Casbah

Chicano Batman SD
Luann Alexander

The men of Chicano Batman are as genuine as can be. They create music not only for themselves, but also for anyone who brushes shoulders with them.

Established in 2010, Chicano Batman have toured with Alabama Shakes and Jack White, and they have even performed at Coachella. Inspired by James Brown, their sound spews psychedelic-funk seasoned with Tropicalia -- think soulful, booty-shakin' pirate music.

The Los Angeles quartet perpetually wears bow ties and ruffled tuxedo shirts, and they consider themselves more of a family than a band, allowing everyone’s personality to come through their music.


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“I think at the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We just go about getting it differently,” said bass player Eduardo Arenas. “It’s just about communicating, respecting and trusting -- giving enough space for each other to grow at the same time. That’s a key element.”

Chicano Batman may be a musical family, but with three band members married and two with kids, the band has to exist alongside family life. “It’s just trying to find a balance in [band] life and what we’ve got going on at home, making sure that all those things are taken care of,” Arenas said. “Think of the glamour of life on the road, and it’s work, but the things you get to do out of it are more magical than you would expect.”

Besides being on the road and playing shows throughout the country, the band has been busy in the studio creating their third LP, which is set to be released in February. Recorded in New York at Diamond Mines Studio, it's the first album completed outside of Arenas' studio in Los Angeles.

“You can work your ass off making a great song, but once it’s out into the world, that song belongs to the world,” Arenas selflessly spoke of Chicano Batman fans. “It belongs to people’s experiences through their sad times, through the great times, through their depression and through their inspiration.”

Chicano Batman play the Casbah on Sunday, Oct. 23.

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