Blink-182 Share Fan-Quarantining Music Video

'Happy Days' has streamed more than 300K times since Blink-182 uploaded it to Youtube on Thursday

Alex Matthews

At the end of March, Blink-182 took to their social media accounts to request fan videos to compile for a music video for “Happy Days,” a track off of their latest record, “Nine,” which dropped in September. If you didn't have a chance to submit your video, we're sorry to inform you that the time has now passed. On Thursday morning at 10 a.m., the band debuted the completed video via YouTube.

And per the request, the video features dozens of short fan-clips quick-edited and interspersed with footage of band members Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba, all playing their parts in their own separate quarantines, or in the case of Skiba, eating yogurt.

The video shows video shot by regular fans and even some celebs, too: waking up in quarantine, donning face masks, dancing, skateboarding, twerking, hand washing ... there are a lot of clips of hand-washing. Fans definitely rose to the occasion to get their cameos in the video.

The song and subsequent video have really hit fans in all the feels.

“The girl in the graduation cap and gown. That hit. Class of 2020 wants to feel happy days,” commented one YouTube user, while another confessed, “Didn’t make the cut but LOVED, LOVED this idea. More bands should do this.”

Fans who were included in the video also expressed gratitude in various all-caps expressions we can't print here. But one user perhaps said it best by declaring, “It felt like this song was made for this moment.”

We couldn't agree more.

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