Blink-182 Plot Return

Blink-182 make an exciting announcement via Instagram

It's been nearly three years since Blink-182 dropped their last studio album, 2011's "Neighborhoods," but according to the band's guitarist/co-singer Tom DeLonge, the wait for new material should be over soon.
In a briefly-worded caption on an Instagram photo posted early Monday morning, DeLonge wrote: "Rehearsals start today…and yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink"
Any news out of the Blink camp is good news, as only a few years ago, fans were uncertain if they'd ever hear from the band again after they announced an indefinite hiatus in 2005. When they returned in 2008 with a tour and plans to record a new album, all seemed right with the world.
Their last studio album picked up where 2003's self-titled record left off. The music -- still catchy and filled with great pop punk hooks -- was darker and more reflective. Gone were the fart jokes and the juvenile puns ("Take Off Your Pants and Jacket," etc.) -- instead, lyrics dealt with confusion, loss and death. "MTV News" called the album, "the bleakest thing Blink have ever done." The band has shown a dedication to evolving as musicians and as they've gotten older, the lyrical themes have understandably changed over time. That's alright with us -- after all, we're getting older too.
Regardless of the recordings, witnessing Blink-182 (which also consists of bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker) live in concert is an epic spectacle of raging pop riffs, funny stage banter and chest-rattling energy. If DeLonge's message is any indication, we're in store for more shows and a new album -- which has us absolutely giddy.
What's our age again?

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