Blink-182 Ask Fans for Clips for New Music Video

"Happy Days" video will feature Blink-182 fan video submissions

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Over the weekend, Blink-182 asked their millions of social media followers to submit home videos for an upcoming video of their single “Happy Days,” off their album "Nine," which was released last September.

After clicking their call-to-action link, fans arrive at a Google entry doc and are asked, “Are you stuck at home? This is an unprecedented time that’s got everyone wishing for happy days, so we had an idea: Let’s make a music video to show how you’re spending your social-distancing time.... Show us what you’re up to -- singing, cooking, excessive hand-washing, attempting TikTok dances -- we want to see it all? Submit your video clips, and we’ll use our favorites to make a video for ‘Happy Days.’ ”

Seems like a simple enough request, but with some caveats: Blink-182 are looking for vertically oriented phone-video footage; file sizes were originally limited to 10MB, but that restriction was removed. Fans, however, should bear in mind that Blink will be weaving numerous clips into a video for a song that clocks in under 3 minutes. Also: since it's a music video, audio on your clips is irrelevant. There is no stated deadline, but the band is imploring fans to upload submissions as soon as possible.

When one snarky fan commented, “Privileged, attractive people really do be winning right now,” the band kept it positive and responded, “We wanna see what you got! Creativity wins. You got this.” #HappyDays, indeed.

"Nine" is the band's eighth studio album and the second with Matt Skiba, who joined Matt Hoppus and Travis Barker when frontman Tom DeLonge was replaced in 2015.

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