Steve Aoki Brings “Turbulence” to SD

Steve Aoki, along with other DJs performed at Valley View Casino Center on March 16.

The Valley View Casino Center was almost a full house on March 16 when Steve Aoki and other DJ's entered the arena. The entrance to the venue was filled by colorful, extravagant and rave-inspired outfits worn by dedicated fans. Neon green fishnets, glittery tops, ballerina skirts and high heels seemed to be the trending outfits of the night.

Other artists at the event included Steve Angello, Zedd, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Tim Mason.

As soon as Aoki hit the stage, the whole arena lit up. Fans cluttered in the front, pushing each other to get as close to the stage as they could. All that could be seen in the audience were hands in the air and heads bobbing as Aoki’s beats dropped.

A surprise came to the fans as musician Lil Jon appeared onstage during one of Aoki’s songs, "Turbulence." Fans' overbearing excitement at the sight of the star brought the volume in the arena to even greater heights. Everybody sang, "We hit turbulence!" and the venue felt as if it were actually shaking.

Aoki went behind the stage in the middle of the song and returned with, of all things, two birthday cakes. He threw one of the cakes into the audience and smashed the other cake into a fan’s face right after. This came as a shock to everyone because it was so unexpected, but it brought more excitement to the performance. At one point, Aoki also brought out an inflatable boat and attempted to crowd-surf through the audience.

Aoki played other singles during his set, including "No Beef," "Warp 1.9" and "I’m in the House." After he played his last song around 10:30 p.m. and ran off the stage, fans insisted on an encore. Lil’ Jon came out and led a chant of "One more song!" which the audience dutifully screamed at the top of its lungs. After a few minutes passed, the lights began flashing and the "Aoki" letters on the stage glittered. Aoki returned to the stage to deliver the most powerful song of the evening.

Despite all that, it seems Aoki had some leftover energy. He played a show the same night at Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas just a few hours later.

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