The Elemental Experience

The Elemental Experience is not just another large concert... it's a statement. The goal of the event is to tackle a major social issue each year through the group fund raising efforts of the people attending the event. This year we are trying to help the 2,200 abandoned kids in San Diego - learn about it here! Our ultimate goal is to build a shelter in San Diego as a result of this event, and then keep the campaign rolling from there.

Joining the event is easy. First you purchase your tickets at a cheap $40. After that, you'll be asked to set up a personal fundraising page through our website (it takes less than a minute). Once you do that you are ready to start spreading the word fundraising for the cause. Oh ya, and for reaching certain fundraising levels you can win all sorts of free stuff at the event (even an eco-friendly Scooter).

While thousands enjoy San Diego's recreation every day, there is something about America's finest that most people don't know - there are 2,200 abandoned children in our city. They are victims of abuse, violence, and neglect - all without a home, and all alone. Our goal through this event and others, is to expose this serious issue to as many people as possible, and then do our part by raising money to build a shelter. We've partnered with our friends at San Diego Youth Services to help make it happen.

$500,000 is what it'll take. The number seems big, but if less than 1% of the residents in San Diego gave just $10 to this campaign, we'll reach our goal. That's like giving up one Starbucks trip, or getting one less drink downtown on a weekend. Think about it.... and then join us!


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