New Look for Local Military Wife

New mom and wife of a fighter pilot gets a makeover

Caroline Tomlinson’s husband was deployed just 10 days after the birth of their first child, Ashlyn.  Caroline's husband is a U.S. Marine Corps fighter pilot.  He’s been deployed for the past six months.  This was the Tomlinson's fifth deployment.

In his absence, Caroline has been at home caring for their newborn daughter.  Her husband will be coming home soon.  With the help of some generous stylists, NBC 7/39 gave Caroline a makeover at Thomas Joseph Studio in Kearny Mesa. 

Stylist Andrea Wheelus gave Caroline some natural highlights, some layers and straightened her curly hair.  Makeup artist Stephanie Conklin focused on Caroline's almond-shaped eyes.

Caroline said she was thrilled with her new look.  “Oh I love this. I'm going to work harder to wear makeup. I got a lot of tips from Stephanie and the hair looks great. I'm definitely going to do my best to keep this up."

Since our first interview, Caroline welcomed her husband home.  She said they're having a wonderful time as a family.

A special thank you to the stylists at Thomas Joseph Studio and to makeup artist Stephanie Conklin -- for donating their time and expertise to transform Caroline's look.

Makeup Artist Stephanie Conklin can be reached at 760-443-4900 or

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