Local Veteran Has New Reason To Smile

Local prosthodontist offers dental implants to veterans

A local veteran will soon have a new reason to smile.  "This is the first year I haven't watched the parade this year. 'cause these wonderful people are taking care of me," said  Richard White who was on a reconnaissance team with the US Army.

He was chosen by the Wounded Warrior Program to get dental implants from a local company called "Permadontics."

One of the doctors running it says he first realized the importance of restoring soldiers teeth when he was working as a nurse in the army in South Africa.

Prosthodontist, Dr. Ian Aires says ,"but then when I saw dentistry from a different perspective -- from the perspective of the treating person I saw what a service it is." 

We'll be following Robert's progress and bring you another story when his surgery is complete and he has a brand new smile. That should be in just a couple of weeks.

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