Tis' the Season: Project Roadblock, An Annual Campaign to Stop ‘Buzzed' Driving

Coming soon to your TV, the Television Ad Council has created a special campaign for the week between Christmas and News Years Eve.  This campaign targets Drunk Driving with a twist, by honing in on "Buzzed Driving."  The spots are cleverly crafted and ultimately send the message that buzzed driving or drunk driving, the end result can be equally disastrous.

In 2009 the Roadblock campaign aired on the days leading up to New Year's Eve, in the post campaign analysis it was found that people who reported seeing the Project Roadblock spot that week were more likely to step-in to keep an impaired friend or family member from getting behind the wheel.

These spots will be airing on NBC 7/39 from 12/26-12/31, keep your eye for them and stay safe on the roads this Holiday Season!

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