Images: Giant Sloth, Mammoth and Whale Uncovered

Workers uncover a Mammoth skull and tusk in the East Village section of downtown San Diego.

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Chris Saunders
San Diego Natural History Museum paleontologist Pat Sena found the remains of a giant sloth on Friday March 7, and says the bones are “poorly preserved – possibly not even collectible.”
Chris Saunders
This find is in a different part of the excavation site from the whale and mammoth finds, near the Northwest corner of the lot at 11th and Island Avenues, downtown.
Sena, who found both the mammoth and whale on the TJSL site, adds that this is a very rare animal, and may have been 10-12 feet long, and 6-8 feet tall.
Chris Saunders
Thomas Jefferson had a strong interest in the fossils of huge creatures such as mammoths and giant sloths and is thought of as the father of modern paleontology.
A ruler lays next to a mammoth tusk uncovered in East Village San Diego February 3, 2009.
The Mammoth skull still partially buried in the dirt.
Workers carefully brush away dirt from the bones.
A tusk of a mammoth found on the site of a proposed law school campus.
The second Mammoth tusk was uncovered at Thomas Jefferson School of Law construction site.
On February 26, excavators found the skeleton of a whale beneath the mammoth bones. It's not yet known what type of whale was found.
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