World’s Top Eater Stunned in La Jolla

$2,000 and bragging rights


Hundreds of people had their appetite for action satiated in La Jolla for the first ever World Flauta-Eating Contest.

Ben Munson, who was able to wolf down 65 flautas in just 8 minutes on Sunday, stunned Joey Chestnut, the world’s top ranked competitive eater. Chestnut was a heavy favorite coming into the contest, but was only able to gobble up 56 flautas. The announcer called it the biggest upset in competitive eating history.

“Never since the birth of my first son have I ever been so proud of a young man,” he said of Munson.

The International Federation of Competitive Eating sanctioned event was held at Jose’s.

Munson takes home $2,000 and a life-time of bragging rights.

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