‘Trumpkin’ Turns Heads in Ohio

People carve their pumpkins to look like all sorts of things from creepy vampires to Star Wars droids but one woman in Ohio has made her pumpkin the talk of the town.

Jennette Paras painted her pumpkin in the likeness of Donald Trump.

Weighing in at 374 pounds, her “Trump-kin” sits on her front porch near a sign suggesting we “make pumpkins great again.”

Paras told the NBC station near Dublin, Ohio that pulling off this feat wasn’t as easy as pie.

"His hair, actually was a little challenging. Cause there's this kind of directional thing going on,” she explained.

She had to resort to using six blond wigs, she said.

Each year for more than 25 years Paras has chosen someone in the news to portray with a jack-o-lantern.

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