Couple: We Let Stranger Drive Rented Corvette

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Connecticut State Police

There are (at least) two morals to this story.

1. High-end cars don’t do well in the surf.

2. The best decisions are not always made in Pacific Beach bars.

You may have heard the story about someone doing doughnuts in the sand on Pacific Beach Thursday night. The Corvette got stuck in the surf and ended up submerged knee-deep in salt water.

A 39-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife rented the Corvette from Hertz, according to police.

The couple told investigators that they were drinking at London’s West End in Pacific Beach and talking to a man who told them he had never driven a Corvette. So they told him, ‘we’ve got one,’ and went for a spin.

The man they met (whose last name they didn’t know) was driving, they said. The 39-year-old husband was sat in the passenger seat, with his wife on his lap. The driver started doing doughnuts and somehow they ended up in the surf.

The couple was detained at a detox center and later released. The man was nowhere to be found. 

A tow truck had to be called in after 9 p.m. to pull the car off the shore near Ocean Boulevard.

Several people witnessed the incident and posted video to YouTube, like here and here.

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