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"Nowak" Job Couldn't Stop Astronauts Marriage

Crazed astronaut wife becomes ex-wife



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    Nowak will have to bear the unthinkable: the wedding of her love interest, and the "other woman"

    Not even a lunatic astronaut in an adult diaper with a trunk full of weapons could get in the way of true love.

    Lisa Nowak, the woman who drove 900 miles in diapers to confront the woman who was dating her love interest, will have to bear the unthinkable: The wedding of the guy she was obsessed with and the 'other woman,' reports the Beaver County Times.

    Nowak, the former astronaut, became incensed when she found romantic e-mails addressed to William Oefelein, an astronaut who the married Nowak was smitten with, from former U.S. Air force Officer, Colleen Shipman, two years ago.

    After discovering Shipman's flight itinerary in Oefelein's e-mail, Nowak drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, intent on confronting her rival.

    While disguised in a hat and wig, Norwak followed Shipman to her car in an Orlando parking lot where she confronted her and pepper sprayed her in the face.

    Shipman drove away and found police who located Nowak at a bus stop, holding a bag containing a trench coat, BB gun, mallet, knife with a four inch blade and $600.

    When police inspected her car, they found latex gloves, plastic garbage bags, directions to both the Orlando airport and Shipman's house, e-mails form Shipman to Oefelein, and adult diapers Nowak admitted to using to cut down her trip time.

    Oefelein proposed to Shipman this past June while on a 110 mile canoe trip on Beaver Creek in Alaska, reports the Anchorage Daily News. The wedding is set for the summer of 2010 in Pittsburgh, and the couple plans to settle in Alaska.

    Nowak's trial is set for December.