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NorCal Gorilla Steals Boy's Nintendo DS

It was reality Donkey Kong at the San Francisco Zoo after a child drops a DS.



    NorCal Gorilla Steals Boy's Nintendo DS
    Chris Spicuzza

    A little boy learned a valuable lesson during his visit to the San Francisco Zoo. Keep a hold of your things.

    The child dropped his Ninendo DS into the gorilla exhibit last week.

    The gorillas below seemed to know the "finders keepers" part of the game and snapped it up immediately.  The mama gorilla kept it away from the little ones and seemed to take to it immediately as you can see in the above photo by photographer Christina Spicuzza.

    Spicuzza noticed what happened and captured the drama that followed.  Her photos of the incident can be seen here.

    One visitor nearby yelled, "That is unbelievable!" as she grabbed her video camera.

    In the end, the kid got his game back. Witnesses said a zoo trainer lured the animal over to the side and traded the game for a shiny red apple.

    The DS has a little slobber on it, but worked just fine.

    The zoo agrees the photos are cute, but wants to remind visitors that throwing or dropping foreign objects in animal exhibits poses serious health risks to their animals.