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Real Owl Caught in Fake Halloween Spider Web

Some Halloween decorations can be animal traps.



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    The fake spider web is a Halloween classic as people decorate for trick-or-treaters this Monday. But one San Rafael family's spooky prop attracted an early bird -- literally.

    A quarter-pound western screech owl flew into their artificial web strung from a tree on Riviera Drive, the Marin Independent Journal reports. It was tangled up there for several hours before someone noticed Tuesday morning and called the Humane Society.

    The owl was OK, but it was taken to WildCare in San Rafael, where apparently this sort of thing has happened before.

    "It's a lot more common than people realize," said WildCare Director Melanie Piazza. "We've had squirrels come in with Fourth of July banners wrapped around their tails and deer that have been stuck in Christmas lights."

    Piazza wants people to think about the possible danger to animals when putting up certain Halloween decorations for Monday. The San Rafael family had one too many owl incidents and decided to take down their fake web.