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McDonald's Giveaway a F***ing Disaster

Adults claim kids' Happy Meals include R-rated CD



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    This particular giveaway may have fallen flat on its face.

    Those McDonald's kids' meals may be getting a little too spicy.

    McDonald's is currently handing out a collection of Kidz Bop CDs in Happy Meals, but there are some grown-ups who aren't too happy about it.

    On Monday afternoon, a grandmother in Boaz, Ala., took her two grandchildren to McDonald's for lunch, and the CDs were their bonus from the Big McD. But, after listening to the disc, the grandmother was shocked with something she heard in the disc's cover of pop singer Gavin DeGraw's hit  "I Don't Wanna Be."

    "It's got a phrase in it that I don't think's appropriate for children," she said.

    She's not alone in that observation.

    "In the song the word is supposed to be looking, but they're saying the f-word with the -ing on the end," said one concerned parent.

    [Audio:  Compare the lyricsThe clip begins with DeGraw's original, and then goes to Kidz Bop cover. Do you hear it?]

    Both women said they feared the children would share the song with other children, and that's a worry.

    "If my little grandson learns it, he's going to go to school and sing it," the grandmother said. "It's going to be terrible, because if they listen to the CD, they can hear what we hear."

    "I have a 5-year-old and that's the last thing I need is for him to go off to school and say that word," an Alabama parent said.

    In a written statement, McDonald's spokeswoman Danya Proud said: "Kidz Bop carefully chooses the songs featured on all Kidz Bop CDs, including those songs in the current Happy Meal, to ensure both the subject matter and lyrics are appropriate for our youngest guests."

    "We greatly value the high standards that families hold us to, and we would never include a lyric, word, or song that is inappropriate to children of any age." Proud said.

    A TV station in Huntsville, Ala., WAFF 48, reported that the Boaz McDonald's has pulled all of the No. 6 CDs from its Happy Meals. The reporter there said staff members in the station's newsroom listened to "I Don't Wanna Be," and agreed that the song sounded a bit questionable.