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Woman Poured Bleach in Ex's Lap as He Drove: Police

The attack "produced a burning sensation to the victim’s groin," according to a police report



    Woman Poured Bleach in Ex's Lap as He Drove: Police
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    A woman allegedly dumped a bottle of bleach in her boyfriend's lap, burning him, during a fight.

    A former couple's post-breakup argument really began to sting after the woman reportedly poured bleach in her ex-boyfriend's lap while he drove, The Gainesville Sun reported.

    Gainesville, Fla., woman Shanay Jackson, 19, dumped a bottle of the stuff on him just after she pushed him in the face, causing a "burning sensation to the victim's groin," according to police.

    “The victim drove a short distance away and had to pull over onto the side of the road to remove his clothing due to the burning sensation caused by the bleach," their police report said. The chemical also left serious bleach splotches on his clothes and puddles in the car, it added.

    But Jackson said it got on him after she picked up the bottle and shook it after they had begun to argue.

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    Jackson was arrested, charged with simple battery and held in jail Thursday.