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Kebab Saves Slashing Victim's Life

A handy sandwich-turned-tourniquet stopped the flow of blood from a man's neck



    Kebab Saves Slashing Victim's Life
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    This sandwich could save your life. A similar doner kebab helped save a man whose neck was slashed, according to testimony in a British court.

    A lucky British man owes his life to a kebab that helped him stanch the flow of blood when his neck was slashed, BBC News reported.

    James Hobbs lost almost six pints of blood when his neighbor stabbed him in the next during a fight — but he could have lost much more and even died, doctors said.

    A British court heard that testimony in its consideration of the stabbing of James Hobbs.

    Last year, just after Hobbs had gone out for a doner kebab, a Turkish shaved meat sandwich similar to a Greek gyro, he went to his neighbor Jamie Edney's apartment to accuse him of having an affair with his girlfriend.

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    As Hobbs allegedly punched Edney, Edney allegedly stabbed him in the neck — leaving a 5-inch wound whose profuse bleeding Hobbs stopped with the handy sandwich.

    Hobbs had have emergency surgery to open his windpipe and got 27 stitches in his neck to seal the wound, according to BBC News.

    Doctors told him he was lucky he lived.

    Edney, meanwhile, got five years in jail for the alleged attack, according to BBC News.

    "I accept that you did not go looking for trouble. It was not begun by you," the judge said to Edney at his sentencing.

    He added that by answering the door clutching a knife, however, Edney was "asking for trouble" and "intending to intimidate."