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Businessman Wants Kids to Swim With Gators

Brings baby alligators to Florida kids’ pool parties for $175



    Businessman Wants Kids to Swim With Gators
    FILE-Suffolk County Police Department
    Florida businessman Bob Barrett will bring baby gators (like the one shown in this file image) to kids' pool parties for $175.

    Parents looking to spice up their kids’ birthday parties are in luck. A Florida businessman now offers alligator pool parties.

    Bob Barrett is taking his beachside alligator attraction to backyards where his baby gators can swim in clients’ pools for $175, The Associated Press reported.

    Barrett is licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to exhibit the animals, according to the AP. He runs The Alligator Attraction in Madeira Beach, Fla., where tourists can feed and handle the gators, but had to get creative when his business slowed last summer. He decided to bring the gators to the people.

    During his pool parties, the reptiles’ mouths are shut with veterinary-grade tape, and Barrett includes a safety lesson and science talk, according to the AP.

    Guess petting zoos and blow-up castles just aren’t cutting it anymore.