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Mother, Father Breathe Sigh of Relief After Baby is Born at Gas Station

The baby was delivered in the couple's car at a gas station in Simi Valley Wednesday morning.



    Mother Delivers Baby at Mobil Gas Station

    An expectant mother delivered her healthy baby girl at a Mobil gas station off Highway 118 after being told to go home by her hospital. Ted Chen reports from Simi Valley for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. (Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014)

    A baby girl delivered by firefighters at a gas station to the surprise of her mother and father breathed easy on Wednesday, swaddled in a new blanket and hat at Simi Valley Hospital.

    Parents, Jason and Ruth Hensley, celebrated with a little champagne and a thankful prayer for a healthy baby girl named Sarah Analise.

    "You pull into a gas station and you think there's no way this can turn out well and it did," Jason Hensley said.

    Added Ruth: "She's going to hear a lot about this story, I'm sure."

    The unexpected delivery happened at a Mobil gas station in Simi Valley just after midnight Wednesday.

    A few hours of labor at Kaiser Hospital in Woodland Hills and they were told they could go back home to Simi Valley.

    "As we got on the freeway she started saying, 'I can't resist anymore,'" Jason Hensley said. "Then she started to scream and as she started screaming I thought, 'I want to scream, too.'"

    They pulled up next to a pump, and Jason Hensley called 911.

    "I was really scared," Ruth Hensley said. "I could feel her head pushing against me. I could feel she was about to come out."

    Ventura County firefighters arrived to bring the 7-pound, 11 ounce baby girl into the world, blissfully unaware she had everybody so pumped up.

    "I think we can definitely say that last night was probably the most terrifying night of our lives," Ruth Hensley said.