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Russian Millionaire Throws Cash Paper Airplanes to Crowd

About $2,000 worth of rubles floated down to the street



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    Pavel Durov founded VKontakte—a social networking site akin to Facebook.

    A 27-year-old Russian social networking mogul threw paper airplanes made of money out of his St. Petersburg office window, stirring up a near-melee on the street below, according to reports.

    Pavel Durov, founder of VKontakte, threw 5,000-ruble notes (worth about $168) to a crowd that had gathered beneath the office windows Sunday, the city's 309th birthday, The St. Petersburg Times reported.  
    According to Durov's Twitter feed, the crowd apparently turned violent, each person vying for a share of the prize.
    Durov tweeted that he had wanted to create a “festive atmosphere” but he had to stop because "people started to behave like animals," the Times reported.
    Durov, whose wealth is estimated at $260 million dollars, according to RT News, reportedly threw about $2,000-worth of rubles into the crowd.