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Mad Meter Maid Throws Tirade at Parking Violators

Anyone know what a Pennsylvania Schuylkill wood chuck is?



    A South Florida meter maid gave a couple of parking violators more than their two quarters worth over the weekend, and now he is out of a job.

    On Friday, Barry Shore went on a tirade that would make a certain former Jet Blue flight attendant blush after a woman forgot to pay to park at a meter in Delray Beach.

    The woman's husband, Bill Evans, eventually confronted 68-year-old Shore and that's when he got a real ear full from the volunteer parking enforcement official.

    "Take that and shove it up your (expletive). I could give a (expletive) less, you Pennsylvania Schuylkill woodchuck. I don't give a (expletive) about the job. A guy like you should be the (expletive) out here. Yeah, I almost lost my temper. You see what that says? Volunteer. You don't even know what the (expletive) that means," Shore said.

    The tirade was just the finale of a weird episode in which Shore allegedly gave the woman a ticket before she could pay the meter, then took it back, only to start taking pictures and follow her down the beach, the couple said.

    That's when Evans got involved and confronted Shore about the harassment.

    Shore also slapped Evans' hand trying to stop him from filming with his iPhone.

    "He basically slapped my face and my phone and called me a woodchuck," said Evans, who just moved to South Florida from Philadelphia. "I'd really like to know what that means."

    Shore, who is from New York, was actually referring to the Schuylkill River in northeast Pennsylvania. We're not sure if woodchucks live there, but if they do, our guess is Shore isn't fond of them.

    The volunteer resigned after Delray officials received a complaint from the couple.

    The couple's attorney, Robert Solomon, said the volunteer has a history of being aggressive and confrontational with people who park on the beach.

    "This individual has done this before. He knew he was being recorded and he didn't care," Solomon said. "My clients were verbally and physically assaulted. This can't be allowed to happen."

    Shore told local media that he admits he lost his temper, but the couple provoked him.

    "He was taunting me. You don't see that part of the video of him sitting in the car, taunting me," he said. "I should have walked away, you know, hindsight, but I didn't walk away. I handed in my resignation."