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Chopper Sex Pilot Says He Has License Back



    Chopper Sex Pilot Says He Has License Back
    A video obtained by TMZ showed porn star Puma Swede in Martz's helicopter.

    A pilot who allowed a woman to perform a sex act on him as he flew around San Diego says he has gotten his pilots license back.

    The National Transportation Safety Board ruled in May 2009 that David Martz deserved to have his license revoked. The incident that put Martz under the microscope involved him letting adult film actress Puma Swede perform oral sex on him while he flew over San Diego.

    On Thursday, Martz contacted NBCSanDiego to say that he had passed his "helicopter pilots license test today with the FAA. I am back and fully licensed."

    Martz said that the five-hour FAA session was "grueling" and that he would be more careful moving ahead.

    Porn Star Provides In-Flight 'Entertainment'

    [DGO] Porn Star Provides In-Flight 'Entertainment'
    A local helicopter pilot is under investigation, accused of shooting a porn flick in the skies over San Diego while at the controls.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 6, 2009)

    "No more bad decisions while flying," Martz wrote in an e-mail.

    FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said that Martz's license revocation was for one year, which is now up.  Martz was free to reapply and that process would involve him taking a "check ride" with an accredited pilot, who did not have to be an FAA employee. If that pilot signed off on Martz, Martz would be given a paper license that is good for 120 days and could then send that information to FAA headquarters in Oklahoma City and they would send him a permanent license. In other words, Martz may have had his license reinstated but the FAA may not have an official record of it yet.

    Martz testified at a hearing in April 2009 that his actions during the May 20, 2005, flight weren't bright and he had become much more responsible at the time he was testifying.

    After the Federal Aviation Administration revoked Martz's license earlier in 2009, he appealed to an administrative law judge. After that appeal was denied, he took his case to the NTSB.
    FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said in May 2009 that Martz could apply to have his license reinstated in one year.
    A passenger videotaped the scene in the helicopter and an edited version later surfaced.

    Martz is known for ferrying celebrities like rocker/fellow sex-video star Tommy Lee. And in the infamous video obtained by TMZ, a topless Swede is seen on the tarmac at Montgomery Field in 2007. She can then be seen on the video inside the chopper alongside Martz, buzzing over crowded freeways and neighborhoods. Shortly afterward, she leaned over and performed a sex act on Martz.
    Puma said it was a way to repay Martz for allowing the crew to use his chopper and hangar at Montgomery Field.

    Martz had his pilot's license suspended and revoked twice previously for flying recklessly. He was also once investigated by the FAA for flying dangerously close to an Los Angeles police helicopter near Van Nuys airport.